Procreation: Right or Privilege?

It seems that society as a whole has chosen to ignore the issue that some people should not reproduce. Dating back to the earliest civilizations, people have considered the main purpose for their existence to be the procreation of the species. Thus it has been the responsibility of all people to ensure human life will continue.

As time as gone on, many people have held fast to these ideals and raised their children to do the same. Although much of the modern world is grossly over-populated, the madness continues. But is it ethical to prevent people from having children? Does any organization have the right to be given authority regarding human reproduction?

For many years a debate has raged about whether the government should have any sanction over a family right to reproduce. Still, while some countries have limits to how many children a couple can have, the issue remains undecided in the majority of the world.

The standards for approval of reproduction should simple: financial fitness, physical capability, emotional well-being, and mental aptitude. While some of these may seem less important than others, perhaps the following explanations will offer some degree of understanding as to the logic behind them.

Financial Fitness
To be a parent should not require exquisite wealth or trust funds, but parents should have sufficient means to provide for children. Children should have all of the supplies and clothing needed to succeed in the classroom, enough food to eat, stable shelter, clean water and access to proper medical care. A household unable to supply these basic necessities should not be allowed to have a child.

Physical Capability
People who have issues which restrict their ability to care for themselves, such as the severely obese, are not fit to properly serve as parents. There is a high probability that these individuals would become overly dependent on a child, thereby rendering him unable to lead a normal life. This situation is difficult for the parent as well as the child and should be avoided at all costs.

Emotional Well-being
Individuals who suffer from emotional impairments, such as clinical depression and dissociative or manic episodes should also be prevented from parenting a child. This level of emotional instability creates a dangerous dynamic and neither the child nor the parent can adequately understand or control the situation or its repercussions.

Mental Aptitude
While parenting does not require an advanced degree, there is a moderate level of intelligence necessary to effectively prepare a child for life in the world. Ill-equipped parents raise ill-prepared children. This is a vicious cycle that can continue for generations.

Just as operating a motor vehicle or practicing medicine and law require people to undergo specific education and subsequent licensing, people should be expected to exhibit certain criteria, to be eligible to bring a child into the world. There are numerous people, with children, who should not have been given the opportunity to reproduce. Far too many innocent children endure the burden of incompetent and ill-prepared parents.